Turtle Scroll

     Hello World!  Thanks for checking out the Turtle Scroll, as it slowly amalgates from my skills at copy and pasting code. Looking forward to playing around with things, as I find the best [laziest] way to make some original content.  Yoroshiku!

     The main premise of this page remains a secret, but I hope to bring you some interesting facts and warm vibes of nostalgia once things get going. So, won't you please check back in a few weeks?  We will be analyzing elements of the original TV show series, and later on the toys, the games and more.

     Not big on making yet another blog, but there will be a limited series of posts or pages that will end when we run out of content to explore.  At which point, [interest permitting]  may it be archived or continue to mutate in unforeseen ways.  -- 00仙人   [ "Double O. Sennin" ]

Remember this AVGN classic?

Here's a totally radical [FREE!] game you could play while the Turtle Scroll is being written. 

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: RESCUE-PALOOZA! "is a non-profit project created by fans, and is in no way affiliated with Viacom, Nickelodeon, Mirage Studios, Konami, Ultra Games, Lionsgate, Fred Wolf Films, Stan Sakai, or Playmates Toys."  Turtle Scroll is in no way affiliated with any aforementioned parties.


Last Update: 2021年10月14日